Everybody is entitled to a safe workplace. There’s a common saying in the realm of workplace safety: “every accident is preventable,” and we believe that. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates the workplace to ensure this, and employers are to comply to these standards, especially when requiring people to use heavy equipment and machinery on the job. Many times— too often— the employers don’t provide a safe workplace or safe equipment.

John Escamilla has handled hundreds of cases involving people who have been seriously injured and even killed at work. When someone is hurt on the job, we look into all the circumstances as to why and how they got injured. We find out:

  • What equipment they were using
  • What training they have received
  • Who was supervising them
  • What were they asked to do
  • How many hours they had been working

All of these factors can contribute to finding the root cause of the accident. Too often the victim is falsely blamed. After investigating, we find that it is usually the employer to blame because of lack of compliance to the safety guidelines they are legally required to uphold.

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