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South Texas Construction Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers

John Escamilla has spent more than twenty five years successfully litigating serious injury cases in South Texas courtrooms. The firm prides itself on aggressively representing our clients, demanding the defendants pay the victim the amount they deserve for recovery, and earning the respect of the attorneys and judges who we work with

Your Trusted Texas Personal Injury Law Firm 

Here at The Escamilla Law Firm, we handle a variety of cases, including personal injury, workplace accidents, product liability, and more. For over 25 years, we’ve helped injured men and women in McAllen, Texas fight for justice, and get the recovery their suffering deserves.

No case is too big or too small for our team. We pride ourselves not only in getting justice for you and your family, but helping change workplace policies and State laws, all the way up to the Texas Supreme Court.

Allow our team of compassionate, dedicated attorneys to meet with you, and discuss your case. We serve areas and cities throughout the Rio Grande Valley, and are expanding into Central Texas, with a growing presence in San Antonio and Austin.

Common Personal Injury Cases We Handle In Texas

Construction injuries can be among the most devastating and dangerous. Injuries on a job site can take a variety of forms, such as:

  • Concussions & Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Injured Limbs
  • Serious Burns
  • And more…

What can cause a workplace injury? Falls are among the most common reasons for getting hurt on the job, especially on construction sites. Other reasons for workplace injury include being crushed by heavy machinery or being hit by a falling object.

No matter how you were hurt on the job, your physical and emotional pain deserves to be acknowledged and redressed. Don’t trust the insurance companies to give you a fair payout; contact our legal team for a compassionate, professional response and the answers you need. 

Our Practice Areas

Our team has been holding companies accountable for over 25 years. Our cases won have implemented new laws and regulations by the state of Texas. We pride ourselves in ensuring the safety of others and that justice is served.

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Product Liability

We Represent Victims Hurt By Dangerous Products. Read More

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Liquor Liability

We Represent Victims Over Served By Restaurants And Bars. Read More

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Slip And Fall Injury

We Represent Victims Hurt By Dangerous Environments And/or Conditions. Read More

Construction workers helping an injured colleague representing a work injury - Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC
Work Injuries (Construction Accidents)

Representing Workers Injured On The Job. Read More

Two people are providing aid to a seriously injured person lying down - Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC
Serious Injury/
Wrongful Death

We Represent Victims Hurt By Negligence Of Others. Read More

A crushed white truck on the road representing a truck accident - Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC
Trucking Accidents

Representation In Accidents Involving Commercial Vehicles. Read More

Third-Party Liability In Construction Accidents

We Bring Texas Subcontractors To Justice For Negligence

On job sites, a general contractor will often hire out subcontractors to oversee certain aspects of the construction job. Hiring a subcontractor can help speed up construction, but it also makes it possible for corners to be cut in a rush to get a job done.

When safety standards are relaxed, or equipment isn’t properly serviced, accidents are likely. These third parties may put money and deadlines ahead of workers’ safety and you shouldn’t have to suffer for their carelessness. 

We’ll hold third parties liable for their role in your accident, whether this was due to negligence, poor training, faulty equipment, or another reason. Allow our team of seasoned legal professionals to review your case, collect and preserve evidence, and take your side.

Seeking Compensation For Wrongful Death After A Texas Construction Accident?

A wrongful death lawsuit allows surviving family members of construction workers who have died on the job to sue their late family member’s employer. Losing a loved one to a construction industry accident involves incredible grief, shock, and financial worry, placing a terrible burden on survivors.

If you’ve lost a family member to a construction accident, reach out to our law firm. We have handled hundreds of wrongful death cases in Texas and have the patience, skill, and dedication to justice to make sure that your family is taken care of.

We’ll go after negligent construction companies, making sure that lost future wages, emotional pain, bills, and foreseen future expenses are considered and pursued. Allow our seasoned and respectful legal team to help you, represent your family, and give your grief a voice in court.

How to Prove Subcontractor Negligence In Construction Accidents

Contract Review:

Confirms the subcontractor’s specific responsibilities as outlined in their contract.

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Evidence Collection:

Gather photo evidence, witness statements, and expert testimonies that demonstrate a failure to adhere to safety and work standards.

icon symbolizing evidence collection - Escamilla Law Firm
Casual Link:

Demonstrate how the subcontractor's negligence directly led to the construction accident.

icon symbolizing Evidence collection casual links  - Escamilla Law Firm

Attorney Endorsements

"I have been working with John Escamilla as co-counsel for at least 15 years and have had many successful case results either through settlements or verdicts during that time. John is one of the most hardworking, determined and smartest lawyers I have ever known. He is honest, fair and accessible. His excellent legal oral and written advocacy skills at the trial and appellate level have many times made the difference in securing favorable significant outcomes. I would highly recommend John to anyone with a serious personal injury case."

– Arturo Martinez , The Martinez Law Firm

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Meet Our South Texas Personal Injury Attorney John Escamilla

Image Of Attorney John Escamilla, Esq. - Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC

Attorney John Escamilla brings with him over 25 years of litigation experience, helping families and businesses get justice, and have a voice in court.

He’s represented workplace injury cases, personal injury cases, and product liability cases all the way up to the Texas Supreme Court, and has the patience, experience, and dedication to make sure that you are heard, and that your pain is justly compensated.

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Image Of Attorney John Escamilla, Esq. - Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A: The cost of hiring a construction accident lawyer depends upon the complexity of your case, and how long your litigation proceeds for. We understand that many of our clients are working or middle class, and that the price of legal help can feel daunting.

This is why we seek to maximize awards, work closely with you, consider your family’s financial needs, and stay transparent regarding fees and expenses. We can also work with your family on payment options and will fight to make sure that you and your loved ones are awarded every penny that you’re owed.

A: In the State of Texas, permanent disability benefits can win you a maximum of 60% of your previous working wages. The maximum benefits period depends upon your age when the accident occurred.

To qualify for permanent disability benefits, it’s important to have ample medical evidence of a workplace disability. This is why it is crucial to call a caring and diligent law firm immediately following an injury, so that medical care can be provided, injuries can be properly documented, and evidence of the accident can be preserved.

A: If you’ve been injured in an accident, the types of compensation you may qualify for fall into two categories. The first category of damages is economic damages. These can include medical bills, wages lost, and expenses tied to your accident (such as the need to hire an Uber if your car is damaged).

The second type of damages is non-economic damages, and these include compensation for physical and emotional pain, trauma, and mental anguish. These are real damages that injured men, women, and their families endure, and they deserve monetary acknowledgment.

Determining how much you may be entitled to depends upon the circumstances and severity of your accident or injury. For a clearer picture of your legal options, contacting The Escamilla Law Firm for an initial consultation today is your best option.

A: Absolutely not! Insurance companies are known to minimize client injuries, seeking to dismiss or downplay as many aspects of your accident as possible. Once you agree to the insurance company’s offer, your pathway to fighting for greater compensation is blocked.

Allowing a practiced law firm to handle the insurance companies for you keeps your options open. It also gives you a strong and compassionate legal team preserving detailed medical evidence, determining what types of compensation your case merits, and speaking for you in court.

Don’t agree to the insurance company’s terms; their main focus is saving themselves money, not justly compensating hurting workers and families. Call The Escamilla Law Office instead, and allow us to review your case and fight on your behalf.

A: The sooner you reach out to a personal injury attorney, the better. We strongly recommend contacting an attorney within 24 hours of the accident, if possible. This helps you get fast and well-documented medical care, and allows evidence of your injury to be preserved for a jury.

The longer you wait, the more likely an insurance company will be to claim that your injury occurred later, and thereby seek to deny your claim. The faster you give The Escamilla Law Office a call, the sooner we can help you get answers, quality medical care, and a strong legal voice.

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