Anything that is owned by a company is considered a commercial vehicle. This can include more obvious vehicles like tractor trailers and bix box trucks. A commercial vehicle can also be anything from a pickup truck from an oil company, to a mom-and-pop shop that has somebody driving a car. As long as they’re in the course and scope of business, it’s considered a commercial accident.

There are hundreds of tractor trailers and commercial drivers on the roads. Every year in Texas there are thousands of serious crashes and fatalities. There were over 1,600 fatalities just last year alone.

When someone hires a driver to operate one of their vehicles they have an obligation to do background and driving history checks to ensure that they’re not under the influence of drugs, or any other potential risk factors. When someone is involved in a serious collision with a truck or tractor trailer, we have to act immediately. You need somebody who will meticulously investigate all the facts about that person who caused the accident, what they were doing at the time, and who they were working for.

The trucking industry is heavily regulated and the businesses that have commercial drivers are subject to a laundry list of laws. It takes an expert— someone who is familiar with the industry— to be able to adequately represent a victim of a trucking crash or commercial vehicle accident. John Escamilla is that expert.

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