“I have been working with John Escamilla as co-counsel for at least 15 years and have had many successful case results either through settlements or verdicts during that time. John is one of the most hardworking, determined and smartest lawyers I have ever known. He is honest, fair and accessible. His excellent legal oral and written advocacy skills at the trial and appellate level have many times made the difference in securing favorable signficant outcomes. I would highly recommend John to anyone with a serious personal injury case.”– Arturo Martinez , The Martinez Law Firm

“John Escamilla is one of those rare individuals who do the right things, in the right way, for the right reasons. As a leader or as part of a team, John has showed me (and others) over the years that when one way gets blocked, he will keep working until he finds a better way — and take everyone along with him on the journey. He has done great work for his clients and his community. He has helped to make new law that will save lives and make places safer for years to come. John is that creative, hard working guy that we all want in the fox hole with us when the battle is on. If I needed a lawyer in Texas or a friend who would help me get out of any jam, I would call John.”– Rob Reiter, Storefront Safety Council- Co-Founder

“John Escamilla is one of the smartest and toughest civil trial lawyers I have ever had the pleasure and honor to go up against . I have defended and tried civil cases for over 30 years and John is one of the very best plaintiff trial attorneys I have ever faced . He is hard working , meticulous in his preparation and has great rapport with juries and judges . I recommend him without reservation.”– Tony James – Defense attorney, Hodge & James

“John (or as I call him, “Professor”) was initially recommended to me by a colleague after I had sought assistance for a major commercial accident case I had. It was complex and involved several deep pocketed defendants who were represented by powerful, prestigious, and influential law firms. None of that mattered, because at the end of the day, our client received justice through a sizeable settlement enabling him to care for himself and his family for decades to come. Since that time, I have elicited his expertise and jointly represented cases that involve million dollar recoveries for our clients. Unlike many successful attorneys, what I probably like and appreciate most about John is that he is a down-to-earth person who you can actually have a two-way conversation with. He donates his time, money, and influence to the community he serves through many civic programs that he is a board member or director. I can summarize John with one word – WINNER!” – Louis Patino, Patino & Associates

“I met John when I practiced in South Texas as an insurance defense attorney. John is smart, hard-working, honest, and creative, but what’s most important, he cares about his clients. He fights hard for them when others lawyers might have given up. In the end, he has achieved great results for them.”– Laura Ramos James, Personal injury Attorney

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