Products—from medical devices, automobiles, and work equipment, to personal consumer goods—can be dangerous. They can be a result of a bad design, they can be manufactured incorrectly, there could have been mistakes in the manufacturing, or they could also be dangerous because they don’t warn the consumer about how to use them safely.

John Escamilla has filed many lawsuits involving dangerous cars, defective tires that cause serious collisions, medical devices, saws, and other things that people use in everyday life. If there is a product that is unreasonably dangerous, we will hire engineers and industry experts to tell us whether or not that product should have been designed or manufactured differently, or whether there should have been specific warnings on how to use it.

In regard to dangerous products, there are different things that we can hold product manufacturers accountable for under the law, but it takes litigation, and it takes hitting them in the bank for them to make those changes—permanent changes that will prevent future accidents.

Vehicles today are safer than they were 20 years ago and that’s the result of lawyers like John Escamilla who file lawsuits against them for having dangerous products. Now we have things like electronic stability control, seatbelt pretensioners, and airbags, which didn’t use to be on vehicles. Because we held the manufacturers accountable for not having them, they started integrating them into their products as a new safety standard.

Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t always do what they need to do and they cut corners on parts and materials sometimes. As a result, the consumer pays the price. John Escamilla Law Firm, PLLC holds them accountable for that.

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