• By: John Escamilla, Esq.
  • Published: June 18, 2018
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25 Years Of Experience In Texas Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Claims

Courtroom Experience Is At The Heart Of What We Offer

After over 20 years of working across the state, the courts of the southern half of Texas feel familiar. Knowing that a family’s livelihood and justice hang in the balance, we walk into these courtrooms full of purpose – because it is our chance to make a difference and right a wrong.

When we leave, proud of another victory for justice and for the worker or family we represent, we are also leaving with another experience and another set of tools to use in our ardent defense of the rights of the injured and bereaved.

These last three decades have permitted us at the Escamilla Law Firm to both improve and expand our work. While at first we worked almost exclusively with the disenfranchised and neglected Spanish-speaking construction workers of South Texas, we have taken the lessons won in those victories and applied them to other personal injury fields, from workplace accidents to product liability cases, liquor liability and premises liability claims.

We know how to get results that make a genuine difference in the lives of those we represent and are prepared to go the extra mile to do so for you as well, even if we have to take the case to the highest court.

Success Measured In Justice, Compensation, And Laws Changed

As a personal injury and wrongful death attorney focused on litigation, courtroom battles are not something to fear or avoid but a chance to do what we do best: win life-changing results for injured clients like you.

Not only do we constantly push the limit of what you might be able to win in terms of financial compensation for an injury or a death, but we also make sure that all those who are responsible end up paying their fair share. This helps maximize the damages you can obtain, but more importantly, it helps you get what justice there is for you or the person you lost.

And every case makes a difference, as it is a lesson to those who would cut corners, behave negligently, or ignore risks in favor of profits that their actions will not go unpunished.

We are so committed to these values, principles and objectives that we are willing to fight for them, even against unjust laws.

Wooden table with judge's gavel resting on top - Escamilla Law FirmFearless In The Face Of Injustice And The Pursuit Of Compensation

When three people were killed in a “freak accident,” and the lower court, and then the court of appeals, dismissed the case of their loved ones for compensation from the owners of the premise for a “lack of foreseeability,” we kept fighting. We helped take that case all the way to the state supreme court in New Mexico, where we got the law changed.

The ruling insisted that in the future, mere questions of foreseeability would not be sufficient to dismiss claims, which meant that the families of those who died in the accident would not be denied compensation for their loss. And the state’s system would be that much fairer and more transparent in the future.

We don’t give up, we don’t quit, and we have the momentum and lessons of 25 years backing each battle.

Get An Experienced Texas Personal Injury Or Wrongful Death Attorney On Your Side

Our experience in and out of courtrooms across Texas and New Mexico has given us powerful insights into how the justice system works and how it can be used to help workplace injury victims and the families of deceased victims of negligence. We have learned how the different judges think and rule, what evidence is convincing where, and which companies will settle fairly and which need to be beaten in court.

But most importantly, we have learned how much these cases mean to the injured, their families, and the surviving families of those who were not lucky enough to survive the negligence of big, heartless corporations.

It is for them that we continue to fight, and for you that we will gladly add another 25 years of courtroom experience. As your personal injury or wrongful death litigation attorney, we will fight tirelessly for your compensation and the justice it represents.

But we can only do so if you get in touch with our team as soon as possible; to do so, call (956) 628-7569 or reach out to our team online. We will be proud to help make a difference in your life next.

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