• By: John Escamilla, Esq.
  • Published: May 2, 2024
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In this article, you can discover…

  • What types of construction injuries are the most common.
  • Why you need an injury attorney to handle your case.
  • How claims of negligence may affect your case, and how an attorney can help.

What Are The Most Common Causes And Cases Of Severe Construction Site Injuries?

Many injuries at construction sites involve accidents with heavy machinery; machines such as forklifts, excavators, scissor lifts, and others may not be handled properly and cause injury. It’s not uncommon for workers to be crushed under or between such equipment, especially if workers are poorly trained or poorly supervised.

Falls from roofs, scaffolds, and ladders are quite common, too. Anyone working at a height greater than six feet is at risk of injury or death if they fall, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital at every site.

Heat-related injuries are especially common in Texas, where workers may be working on well over 90 or 100 degree heat with poor hydration, no shade, and no breaks. This can cause heat stroke or death. Burns can also occur, especially while using harsh chemicals without proper ventilation or PPE.

Finally, many construction workers can see injuries to their hands or arms if they’re caught in moving equipment. Saws, conveyor belts, and other devices can cause serious tissue damage and amputation, especially if the company doesn’t follow proper lockout-tagout procedures.

Do I Still Need A Texas Construction Attorney If The Insurance Company Agrees To Pay My Claim?

Yes, absolutely. While many construction companies have worker’s compensation insurance, these options tend to minimize worker injuries and impairments. It may also be that other companies or individuals were responsible for your injuries or played a role.

Hiring a workplace injury attorney is the best way to investigate the accident thoroughly. This helps ensure that the correct medical, legal, and industrial information is in place to determine what compensation is truly deserved, and to make sure you’re paid out fairly.

I Was Injured On A Construction Site On The Job. Is This A Workers’ Comp Case Or A Personal Injury Case In Texas?

It could be either one, depending on the circumstances of the injury and who was in charge of the work site. Sadly, many companies don’t go out of their way to let employees know that worker’s comp insurance is available, and understanding your options alone may be difficult.

If you’re injured at a workplace by another company’s equipment, your employer’s worker’s comp may not cover the accident. These nuances are all great reasons to call an attorney on the day of your injury or as soon as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer can help navigate insurance and see which companies may be liable and able to compensate you.

How Does The Seriousness Of My Injuries Sustained On A Construction Site Impact Potential Settlement Amounts In Texas?

The greater the injury and its impact, the greater the potential recovery in a workplace injury case. Many clients don’t realize that workers whose employers have worker’s compensation can not legally sue an employer unless the worker has died of their injury, in which case the surviving family may opt to sue.

However, in the case of injuries, we can deal with insurance and fight legally for the best compensation possible. This requires an understanding of the nature, impact, and severity of injuries that you’ve suffered, which may not be apparent at first.

Workers can suffer chronic back injuries, hernias, bulges, concussions, and traumatic brain injury, as well. These conditions require more sensitive equipment to diagnose, and may not even be noticeable for weeks or for months.

A competent injury attorney will ensure you get the best and most thorough medical treatment and diagnosis available. This will help accurately and appropriately describe your injuries and allow for more meaningful compensation than what an initial worker’s comp offer would entail.

Can Negligence On My Part Affect My Construction Accident Compensation Claim In Texas?

Many employers are quick to blame injured workers, claiming that the worker caused their own injury by being negligent and doing something unsafe. But this claim of negligence doesn’t have to prevent adequate compensation.

Many workers misuse equipment not out of carelessness, but because they have been poorly trained or are being improperly supervised. An accident on the job may also be due to unsafe machinery or faulty equipment.

Even if your conduct is highlighted in a case, this does not excuse negligence from your employer or other companies at the work site. As a result, no matter what the circumstances of your workplace injury may have been, consultation with an attorney is the safest initial step for you to take. For more information on Compensation For Construction Injuries In Texas, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (956) 628-7569 today.

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